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What I’ve Been Playing!

It’s a new month, so I figured it’d be the perfect time to talk about what games I have been playing!

Bug Snax!


This game is incredibly cute, and funny! I find myself having so much fun wandering around, and talking in the environments!

It’s not often I get such joy from games. The last game that made me this happy was Rain On Your Parade!

(Click here to read my thoughts on Rain On Your Parade!)

Resident Evil 5!

It’s about to go down!

I’m planning on penning a piece about this game, so I’m not going to share my feelings on the game here.

I recently replayed it with my partner, and I can say, it’s enjoyable with a human companion, partner AI is usually hit or miss.

The best boy takes centre stage!

Sonic Origins!

Of course, I bought this collection! I love this franchise, even when it decides to hurt my feelings!

There will be a post written about my feelings on the collections so watch this space!

Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback, or if you notice any errors, feel free to contact me!

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I'm Stacey and I'm 30 years old. I write about life, mental health, video games & everything in between!

One thought on “What I’ve Been Playing!

  1. My next RE game will be RE3 and I’m currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn, Cat Quest II, and Brutal Legend. Heard of Bug Snax but it didn’t interest me right away, maybe I need to look at it again.


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