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My Favourite Stephen King Books!

Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, I’m a big fan of his work, and who he is as a person.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite books he’s written!

My favourite cover for the book.


My all-time favourite book by Stephen King. I always felt a little sympathetic towards Carrie.

She was raised by an evangelical mother, who tried to kill her at birth. She was abused at home, tormented at school by her peers. She never had a chance at a “normal” teenage life.

It’s saddening that after all she was put through, she was remembered as the villain.

Pet Sematary!

We’ve all lost loved ones in our life, and this book feeds off the grief that fiend with that. After Church, the cat, is mowed down helpful neighbour Judd takes Louis to bury the poor cat in the local Pet Sematary.

This brings Church back to live, but as an evil creature. It always has me wondering, if we could actually bring back a post loved one, would they come back as themselves? Or as someone we don’t recognise.


Not a lot of horror stories creep me out, but IT was one that stuck with me for so long. The evilness of Pennywise, which is a form they use specifically to torment children.

They can transform into anything their prey fears, they’ve manipulated the adults within the town to not react to the horrible events around them.

They’ve even manipulated the local bullies into targeting the loser club. Imagine having your own worst fears attacking you? It’s true my terrifying.

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Stephen King Books!

  1. Three great novels! I think Carrie should be required reading in high school as a cautionary tale against bullying. She is absolutely the victim, not the villain. I consider Pet Sematary the scariest and most disturbing of his novels. At least, of the ones I’ve read so far. And I loved the epic scope of It. But my absolute favorite of his is The Stand. That’s the book that turned me into a true Stephen King fan.


  2. Despite being a huge Stephen King fan I now realised I’ve never actually read Carrie or IT 😮 But I love Pet Sematary. It’s not just scary and gross, it’s also profoundly sad. It’s probably my favourite King book!


  3. When you see the storm drains in Maine, standing near them you do get a certain Pennywise vibe… The Stand is a good long distance plane novel, also the Langoliers though its a novella inside a collection of short stories.


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