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I Watched Fear Street Part 3: 1666!

And that’s a wrap on Fear Street. It feels bitter sweet, but as far as endings go, it had a satisfying ending.

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After Deena reunites Sarah Fier’s hand with the rest of her body, Deena sees things from her perspective.

This was interesting to see because up until this point, we were feed snippets of information from the perspective of the characters, and what they think is going on. I wish more movies would portray both sides of the story.

Without getting into spoiler territory, this movie doesn’t leave any loose ends. Everything that had happened up until that point starts to become clear. It’s very satisfying to see.

I can’t give the cast enough praise for their parts in this movie. I genuinely found myself rooting for them and wanting the best for them. It is common for horror movies to write unlikable, or bland characters into these situations, so it’s easy to feel indifferent towards them.

The climax of the movie emphasises the strength of these characters. There was a point where it looked like the worst was coming, and I felt uneasy.

This was a fantastic trilogy and a massive love letter to horror fans. I also believe that people who aren’t fans of the horror genre would enjoy the acting, storytelling and aesthetics.
I can’t recommend it enough!

Did you enjoy the trilogy?
Which part was your favourite?

Thank you for your time!
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