Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Debut of Tommy Oliver


The Power Rangers are a franchise that I hold dear to my heart. I have fond memories of watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Saturday mornings with my father.
The sad news of the passing of Jason David Frank, known for playing Tommy Oliver, is something I felt emotionally.

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the debut of Tommy Oliver, in memory of Jason David Frank.
May the power protect you, always.

Tommy is introduced during a local martial arts competition. He’s the new kid in town, and is incredibly gifted. He’s even on par with Jason, played by Austin St John.
Tommy also catches the attention of Kimberly, played by Amy Jo Johnson.
Unfortunately, Tommy also caught the attention of attention of the season’s antagonist, Rita Repulsa.
After being placed under a spell by the evil sorceress, he becomes the evil green ranger then proceeds to destroy the command centre, after infecting Zordon’s robot companion, Alpha 5, with a virus.

Due to his memory units being scrambled because of the virus, Alpha 5 cannot recall the identity of his attacker.
As the green ranger, Tommy then fights the other rangers, and takes them by surprise when they are in the Megazord.
Unable to overcome their powerful new foe, the rangers flee the battle, none the wiser that their powerful foe is closer than they realise.

The addition of Tommy was a turning point in the series. They had yet to face a foe as powerful as Tommy.
Until this point, they could overcome the monsters they faced with their Zords.
Tommy was tough, acrobatic and even on par, fighting-wise with the rangers, and with the help of evil backing him up, he was definitely the toughest challenge the rangers had faced. They weren’t just facing one of Rita’s usual monsters. They wer eup against someone with their abilities.
As well as the extra evil abilities given to him by Rita.

There is an alternate version of Tommy Oliver, who continued to work with Rita after being freed by Jason from her initial mind control.
He eventually became corrupt with power, wiped out his timelines, Power Rangers, and even killing Rita herself.

It is safe to say that MMPR wouldn’t have reached the level of popularity that it did without Frank’s inclusion.
His charm, athletic ability, and love for his role hold a special place in the hearts of Power Ranger fans, and his loss is deeply felt.


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