I Watched Zombeavers!


Happy Spooky Month!

It goes without saying that this movie isn’t a work of art from the horror genre, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth your time.

If you’re after a silly movie with gore to boot, then this movie is up your alley!

Trigger Warning! Read me before you continue!

John Mayer (Left) & Bill Burr (Right)

The movie opens with two truckers, who are transporting toxic chemicals, they suddenly hit a deer and lose a canister. The canister winds up in the river, and splashing some beavers who are at their dam.

Three college students, Mary, Zoe and Jenn, arrive at the former’s cousins cabin. Jenn and Zoe are upset to find that there is no signal. Mary is adamant this trip is to spend time away from distractions and boys.

Of course, this doesn’t go to plan. The boyfriends of the girls turn up, but so do the ravenous, infected beavers.

Left to right: Mary, Jenn & Zoe.

If you’re watching this type of movie, I doubt you’re here for the plot. What plot it has is weak at best.

The dialogue isn’t great, either. The “sisterly” bond that the girls were shown to have is quickly forgotten about, and is the way the characters engage with each other doesn’t feel natural, at all.

The real stars of the movie!

The characters are not the main focus of the movie; the titular Zombeavers are. They don’t look exceptional by any means, but are my favourite aspect of this movie.

I love their pupil-less eyes, their rabid growls, and their dedication to causing untold chaos on the characters.

It’s especially funny, to me, the effect that becoming infected by their virus has on human characters.

Infected Jenn!

Like I said at the start of this post, there are far better movies in the horror-comedy genre, but that doesn’t mean that Zombeavers deserves to be overlooked.

Zombeavers is a low budget movie that is filled with charm, fantastic practical effects, crass dialouge, gore, and plenty of fun shots.
If you’re looking for a silly horror, this one is worth checking out!

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