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What I’ve Been Playing!

I’m sorry that this post is a day late. I’ve been under the weather and lost track of it.

In today’s piece, I’ll be talking about the games I have been playing and what I’m looking forward to playing in the future from the franchises.

Destiny 2!

I have been playing a lot of Destiny 2 as of late. I have hit the light level cap for the season and I have been dabbling with various Player vs Player (PVP) & Player Vs Enemy (PVE) activities.

One activity I’ve experienced again is the Vault of Glass raid. I’ve completed 3 runs on Destiny 2; I’d only ever completed it on one occasion, and that was back in the raids original release back in the original Destiny title. At the time of this post, I still don’t have the exotic fusion rifle, the Vex Mythoclast, but there’s always next time! Hopefully!

I am looking forward to the next expansion. As much as I have enjoyed Beyond Light, I’m looking forward to The Witch Queen and seeing how the story around Savathun progresses. It’s been eventual so far!
The story of this season, and bits of Forsaken have helped me come to terms with grief; I’ll more than likely write a post about this in the future. It’s not a priority at the moment!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

I enjoyed the previous Spider-Man from a gameplay level, so I was excited to play Miles Morales. I enjoy Miles as a character, a little more than Peter in some cases, but I digress.

I’m currently playing the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version of the title. I haven’t seen a PS5 in the wild for such a long time, and I’m not in a hurry anyway.

I’m having such a blast swinging through New York again. The open world genre really suits Spider-Man’s abilities. I often find myself enjoying the scenery in-between going for missions, and collecting collectibles.

What have you been playing?

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