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I Watched UWantMe2KillHim? – (Spoiler Free)

  • Directed by: Andrew Douglas.
  • Released in: 2013.
  • Genre: Drama, thriller.

The Plot

In 2003, British teenager Mark is being held and questioned by a Detective Inspector.
They are trying to work out why he’d stab classmate John, the two teenagers were supposed to be friends.
Mark had frequented online chatrooms and had become infatuated with a woman he had met through the chat room, called Rachel who is John’s sister.
Mark falls into a complicated mesh of online chatrooms and different characters, which leads to his unravelling and eventual crime.

What Did I Think of the Movie?

What I Thought About the Movie!
The movie has an unusual but compelling plot that kept me invested the entire time.
It was almost relatable in some places. I had many crushes on people I had met online, I remember one in particular I thought was the love of my life.
He wasn’t, but as a teenager, you tend to feel that way.
So I could relate to Jamie having feelings for Rachel.

As the story goes on, you can see Jamie’s state of mind unravel as each person he interacts with online complicates the story.
His friendship with John also starts off very wholesomely but also is the start of the decline of Jamie’s life.

Some of the scenes are a little unbelievable namely the scenes where Jamie is interacting with people via his computer, but there isn’t really much else that can be done to make scenes involving anybody typing on a keyboard without there being a live-action scene with the person reacting back.
It’d just be boring otherwise.

Overall, this is a fantastic movie.
I just wish I could write more about it, but that’d delve into spoiler territory and you need to appreciate the movie for what it is and not have it spoiled by a blogger. 😊

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