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Get To Know Me

I figured I haven’t been active on here for a while, despite this, people are still checking my work out and I am grateful for that.

I’ll be talking about myself, again, and introducing myself to any new readers.

I’m Stacey and I am currently 28 years old. I’ve been a blogger on and off for 2 years, the blog has seen changes to its themes and overall ideas, but it remains true to who I am.

I’ve had issues with consistency, wanting to work with others, as well as issues with mental health, even technology, that have hindered my motivation to work on the blog. I also had a confidence knock lately, I got some nasty feedback from someone, I’m always welcoming feedback, but it hurts when people mask being mean under the veil of criticism.

Itsa me!

I was diagnosed with depression as a teenager and that’s an ongoing battle, some days are better than others. I also struggle with anxiety disorders, generalised and social anxiety are two different diagnoses I’ve had, but I’ve had mixed diagnoses from doctors on that front. I also suffer with PTSD after a traumatic series of events following the passing of my grandmother and other upsetting events around the same time.

I struggle with codependency, too and I am trying to get diagnoses for CFS/ME, Borderline Personality Disorder and Body Dysmorphia. I’ve presented symptoms for the aforementioned issues, although, codependency is a symptom of a disorder(s), rather than a disorder. I am currently on daily meditation for the mental health issues, mainly depression, I also receive treatment from a psychiatrist, but that hasn’t happened for a long time due to the pandemic.

Rob left, Danny right.

I have two lovely guinea pigs who have become my emotional support pets. They are well taken care of and have added much needed routine to my life. Their names are Rob and Danny. Named after Rob Zombie & Danny DeVito.

I have a vision disorder called Keratoconus which has impacted my vision quite negatively. I cannot see detail in anything further than my nose without them on, I had corneal cross linking done earlier this year and I might need it again on my left eye.

I guess this blog would fall into the geeky lifestyle category. I don’t have a niche so I just write about what interests me, or what’s going on in my life.

I am very vocal about mental health and I want to spread awareness when it comes to Keratoconus. I ignored the early signs of my vision deteriorating and my condition was quite advanced. While it is treatable, vision is something you should never take for granted. When it comes to mental health, we are making progress as people when it comes acceptance, but there is still a lot of stigma and cruelty around the subject, so I want to add my voice to the conversation and try and help others through their tough times using guidance I picked up from my own experiences.

I also write about geeky subject matter, mainly video games at the moment, but I’m going to return to writing about movies and I’m planning on talking about tech products I buy, as well as, adding my thoughts on episodes of tv shows. There will also be content from various subjects that interest me, these include, true crime, Mandela effect; conspiracy theories, WWE and whatever tickles my fancy.

I know the subject of conspiracies can be touchy, but I believe a little scepticism is always a good thing and having an open mind to possibilities is another good trait to have. Although, it’s important to reiterate that I am in no way an expert in anything I write about.

So, that’s me. I’m sorry this got lengthy!

Thank you for your time. I appreciate you being here, despite the recent inactivity.

For blog related shenanigans, follow the blogs Twitter and Instagram feeds.

If you like what I do, want to support me and have spare change laying around, I have a Ko-Fi page here. Any help is always appreciated, but not expected.

Stay safe and stay hydrated!

– Stacey xo

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