I Played Visage!

Visage is an independent horror game created by SadSquare and a title that I had an absolute blast playing.
It wasn’t a perfect game, but I found myself lost within it’s world.

I have tried to make this post as spoiler-free as possible.

Trigger Warning: dark subject matter!

Home sweet home?

Visage is played from a first person perspective.
You play as Dwayne, who inhabits the home, who murdered his family and then committed suicide in the year 1985.
Dwayne is trapped within the house and the objectives of the game are to find what’s causing the paranormal events within the home and escape.

The game is played out via 4 chapters. Chapter one is about a young girl called Lucy, who was befriended by a demon. This demon communicates with her through television and radio. The demon winds up influencing her behaviour, causing her to behave abnormally.
I found this story to be incredibly tragic. It’s sad seeing the mental decline of a young girl, and her parents desperate and futile attempts to help her.

Chapter two involves a married couple, Delores and Geroge, and their baby in the year 1962. Over time, Delores begins to display symptoms of various mental illnesses, which naturally worries her husband.
Despite Geoorge trying his best to help Delores, her treatment seems to only worsen her declining mental health and exacerbate her symptoms.
While I’ve never seen a person deteriorate like this in my personal life, watching it all unfold was heartbreaking. George was trying his best to keep his family safe, but nothing he did seemed to make the slightest difference.

In chapter 3, you learn the story of Rakan Al-Mutawa in the year 1970. Rakan suffered from scopophobia, an anxiety disorder which constantly has the sufferer fearing they are being watched. In Rakan’s case, he believed that someone was spying on him and trying to silence him. Rakan’s increasingly paranoid behaviour led him to be detained at a mental health institution.

Finally, you learn about Dwayne and his family life. I won’t elaborate any further on this. This part of the game is fantastic and I had the most fun with it. Play through it yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Lucy and her “friend”.

To say this game terrified me doesn’t do it justice. I was immediately creeped out by the opening of the game and it continued to creep me out further as the game went on.
I found myself flinching with every paranormal event that occurred, and my sense of fear was heightened by the games ambience and lack of background music.

The scariest aspect of the game for me were the chase sequences. I genuinely felt intense feelings of anxiety and found myself checking that the source of the terror had gone.
The sequences are fast, frantic, and know how to play to your fears of being caught.

While I had fun with the game, there were minor occasions that hindered my enjoyment. The game was occasionally buggy. While it wasn’t game breaking, they were enough to briefly take my immersion away. Something that you don’t want to happen during a story-driven horror title.
This is a personal and trivial complaint, but I felt like I should add it in. The game lacks a pause feature and this became a little tough for me.
As a neurodivergent person sitting still isn’t always possbile for me. Occasionally, I need to stand up to move about, it doesn’t impact the gameplay, it would just be nice to have the option to pause the game and not have to worry about the games mechanics hurting your character.

There’s no place like home!

Final Thoughts

I feel Visage is an unfairly overlooked title.
While it isn’t the best game available in the genre, what’s here is enough to keep you entertained.
With a scary atmosphere and an interestingly dark story, I found myself unable to put down my controller.
I recommend buying this title and experiencing it for yourself.

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
Your time is appreciated! If you have any feedback or notice any errors, feel free to contact me!
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