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Music I’ve Been Enjoying!

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the first UK lockdown. It feels like it has been much longer, but I digress. I’ve had more time to listen to music as of late, so I figured I’d share some of the tracks I have been listening to!

The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition) – Rob Zombie!

King Freak circling a legion of doom.
King Freak exploding from a sonic boom.
King Freak ringing your cathedral bells.
King Freak calling from the mouth of hell.

I’m a very big fan of Rob Zombie’s work. I’ve seen all his movies, I’ve listened to all his music, and his new album is no exception to this.
This song is my favourite on the album and is catchy.

Rob Zombie has a style of his own and I admire that quality of his.
His movies are essentially a genre of their own, his music is fun to listen to and I want to meet him in person.

Hypa hypa – Eskimo callboy!

Hypa, hypa, you’re pretty and I like ya.
Move your body, girl, all night long.
Hypa, hypa, you’re pretty and I like ya.
You’re gonna be my girl, all night long.

Ben introduced me to this song. He kept seeing it pop up in his suggested video feed. He eventually listened to it, then showed it to me.
This is the first Eskimo Callboy song I’d ever heard and it’s incredible.
If you haven’t listened to it, listen to it. I won’t ruin the joy here!

{ The Dreamers Hotel } – Enter Shikari!

I am the judge and I’m the jury.
It’s dog eat dog and I’m a pure breed.
I’ll work you up into a frenzy.
But God this baggage is heavy.

I’ve always enjoyed Enter Shikari’s sound and lyrics. They are straight to the point and express themselves politically. This song is my recent favourite of theirs, it’s catchy, memorable and sums up how society seems to view people.

Parasite Eve – Bring me the horizon!

When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?
If the suspense doesn’t kill you, something else will.

I wasn’t a fan of this bad until recently and this has become one of my favourite songs by them, it also seems quite relevant to the current world situation.

What music have you been enjoying?

Thank you for your time, I appreciate you being here!
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