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I Played Resident Evil 2 (2019)

  • Developed & published by: Capcom.
  • Genre: Survival horror.
  • Platforms: PC. Xbox One. PlayStation 4.

I’m going to be talking about this version of Resident Evil 2 as a standalone title.
I’ve played the original version years ago, but I don’t recall enough details to make comparisons between the two.
If you want to see a comparison post here is a link to one!


Two months after the mansion incident in the Arklay Mountains, a viral outbreak caused by the T-Virus, has hit the small, midwest town Racoon City.
As a result of the infection, the citizens have turned into mindless zombies.

Claire meets Leon!

Leon Kennedy a rookie cop has travelled to Racoon City, so has Claire Redfield who is searching for her brother Chris.
The two cross paths at a gas station and after a confrontation with zombies, the two escape in a vehicle.
The two get separated after their vehicle crashes, they then set off to meet up at the police station.

What I Thought About The Game!

Resident Evil 2 is visually pleasing with terrifying environments.
I spent the majority of my time checking every possible corner to make sure I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by zombies.
The dark, narrow corridors also amplified the horror I experienced. Trying to sidestep zombies and all the other monsters was a claustrophobic experience, one wrong step would result in me being hit and could’ve potentially cost me a healing item.

The gameplay is frantic, smooth and fun.
Capcom has been using a third-person perspective in their titles since Resident Evil 4, 7 not included, and has refined it to perfection in this title.
The sounds are eerie and terrifying and will keep you on edge throughout your playthrough. 

Sounds combined with the narrow areas in the game make hearing monsters nearby a terrifying experience.
The scariest part for me was hearing the tyrant Mr X clomping behind you as you frantically try to evade his grasp.

This game is a must-play for horror fans!

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Thank you for your time I appreciate you being here!

Stay safe & stay hydrated!

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