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Rainbow Six Siege: Are The New Anti-Toxicity Measures Enough? Follow Up @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft

Here we go again! I’m back on my nonsense again with another post aimed at Ubisoft! Well, Siege in particular. It’s a game I enjoy very much. I’ve played it pretty much nearly every day for 2 years, I’ve bought operators, season passes, cosmetics, with real money. It’s obvious how much I care for the game.

The main thing that honestly puts me off suggesting this game to people who are after a unique first person shooter game, is the community. It can be a volatile mess, to put this nicely.
Credit where it is due, Ubisoft have finally started to implement features to try to crack down on the behaviour, but it is still as rampant as it ever was.


Image result for it me meme

This is honestly how I imagine Ubisoft overall view me these days! 🤣 (Photo Credit Shown In Photo, contact me if you want it removed!)


Granted, I know I need to be less heated when it comes to contacting support teams, it isn’t their fault. Sometimes, my mood disorders get the better of me, I am truly sorry about that and I am constantly working on bettering myself. I either care for something fully, or not at all, it gets in the way, but I digress. I just hope they haven’t blacklisted me, I love them. 😅

In the clip I saved above, this is an example of the vote to kick feature still being abused. I joined a game and for reasons I wasn’t aware of, there was the vote initiated. As the video shows, I didn’t agree with it, I was privy to what started it, so I voted no, it started up again, I said no. You get the gist, then because I didn’t vote the person out, it was obvious it was me, they tried to kick me, it didn’t go through, though.

This feature is still very problematic. I understand its purpose, but I rarely see it being used as it is intended to be. Groups of 4 will always have the majority vote, obvious statement, and people who are just joining a game get removed, for no other reason than they don’t want a fifth person on their team. While I know just going into another game is an option, as well as finding people to play with to counteract the system, features like this shouldn’t be abused the way it is, people should be able to solo queue without the feature being used against them, developers using the “find people to play with” card just doesn’t seem acceptable, it’s your feature, you can implement ways to curb the toxic behaviour.

This is another incident, I faced whilst playing recently. The people in this video were in the game chat, not party chat, so I could hear everything. Not heard in the video were racial slurs being thrown about so casually by these pre-teens, Ubisoft is not at fault for this, neither is this exclusive to their games, but just an aspect of how toxic people can behave online gaming, they were clearly too young for the game too, but I digress.

They were talking about killing me, I just went on with the game, I got shot down by one of them, they didn’t revive me, you can even hear them talking openly about it and to top it off, they voted me out of the game. That was my last game on the day, I just lost it at that stage. It is just so common, I could make videos daily if I played solo.

Ubisoft has implemented a system that will activate the friendly fire penalty to the whole group that are teamed up and one activates friendly fire, this does prevent players taking it in turns to grief a player, I am grateful for that. I’ve even been on the receiving end of it, my potato aim caused me to down the hostage, we couldn’t revive him in time. Fuze would be proud of me, my friends weren’t as thrilled at the idea of being put on the naughty step! 😅

Are the features working? Yes, they just need more work done on them. Namely the vote to kick system, and a way to report players’ post game would be a good idea too.

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3 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege: Are The New Anti-Toxicity Measures Enough? Follow Up @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft

  1. Forgive the sweeping statement but seems little has changed since launch. Thankfully had a few buddies on my 5 man team who dealt swift vengeance but was just baffling when I was ‘friendly fired’ for my choice of operator. Majority rules I guess is the least worse option although the fix seems fairly simple which is to have flexible team sizes, it may limit or make the situation more of a challenge but they’ve already got tools in breakpoint where only friends can join your session or even just play with four. Leaving it open or purposefully being unable to adjust your squad size with this as a well known issue seems bizarre to say the least


    1. I’ve only been playing for 2 years, it does seem to be improving, ever so slowly, but it’s stuff that should’ve been there from launch. I really do care and enjoy the game, I just wish Ubisoft would put more effort into controlling the messy community, rather than the pro scene.

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      1. From what you’ve written, can only conclude they have…just not in that game as have the option of only friends joining your squad and playing it purposefully with a smaller team despite the greater challenge in GR. Which is a hell of a marketing stance, ‘we’ve taken your feedback onboard… in another game’

        Bigger challenge in R6 which doesn’t have the option to go solo or is fundamentally structured around multiplayer and squad based dynamics. Kinda seems to me imperative to get that stuff patched in.


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