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Enjoying The Sun!

A good few blog entries have been about walking and playing Pokémon Go. I have wound up really enjoying walking it turns out! I didn’t get to go for a walk on Saturday because I had plans, I went to a baby shower for the first time. That is a post planned for this week.

So I went today for about an hour and almost walked 3 miles! I had a good few hours at the park and it is slowly becoming my favourite place to be. It looks absolutely amazing in the sun and going out while it is a beautiful day has really lifted my moods.
I won’t lie and pretend I am magically cured but I am really enjoying having these great days, it might seem like a trivial thing to others but this has been one of the better times of my life as of late.

Yesterday while playing Pokémon Go I caught 2 new Pokemon, got enough candy to evolve another, took over 2 gyms and completed more of that field research on the quest for Mew. The next task is for me to battle in 2 gyms and a raid, I believe. Sod’s Law dictated I got the gym challenge after I’d already taken over 2. It isn’t a big deal, though. I live near enough gyms to get that done. At the time of this post, I also have 2 Pokémon in two different gyms and another that just got returned to me after being in the park’s gym for nearly 3 days!
I don’t have screenshots for that, though. It would be too easy to piece together where I live based on those gyms locations.

This week is going to be a good one. I’ve got some gaming posts in the works, that aren’t Pokémon Go. I am close to the end of Far Cry 4 and I have played a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on iOS for the sake of seeing the completed version of Hidden Palace Zone in that port of the game. Not sure what order those will be uploaded but they are at a stage where I have enough notes to convert into a post and upload. I’m throwing around other post ideas for variety, topics such as things I have bought recently, products I have been using. I have also written down some WWE matches I want to revisit and write about so there will be some variety here in the near future. I feel like I’ve found my groove again.

Below is a photoset showing yesterdays walk and Pokémon Go finds.
Thank you for your time!


Video Games, Weight Loss Journey

Playing Pokémon Go To Get Active

I was really proud of this walk, I have walked further than this but this was one I pushed myself to do. I am way too accustomed to just throwing in the towel over the slightest setbacks.  I hurt my knee recently, pulled a muscle so this was a nice slow paced walk. Even climbed a small hill because the usual footbath was being worked on. No complaints, though. It was nice taking a new route and I still got to where I needed to be.

I used to play Pokémon Go with a friend on rare occasions, I was always too afraid to go alone. My friend has since moved away, so I decided to brave it and just start going by myself.

There is a park within walking distance from my house, which is filled with Pokéstops, the adjacent area also has a few, plus there are shops nearby if I ever need to purchase any bottles of water. Walking is a thirsty business.

I have really enjoyed returning to the world of Pokémon Go, it gives me something to focus on while I am walking, sometimes I get nervous when I walk past people, so with Pokémon Go, I have something to look at if I’m not planning on making conversation that is. Anxiety aside, if anybody talks to me, I will always respond.





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Getting Active!

After seeing some recent photos of myself, I felt devastated. I do not like the girl I see there. Which is awkward, I have to live with her. I have decided to dig up an old relic of a goal, get more active and lose some weight.
My weight gain has been a not so pleasant combination of meds, inactivity, erratic sleep schedules and a toxic relationship with eating my feelings.

It’s taken its toll on my body and I don’t like that. That’s enough of that dwelling, though! If I’ve learned anything as of late, its that I have the power to change for the better if I make the effort.

I attempted one of the exercise DVDs I have, I am not ready for a workout like that, yet. I almost slipped back into the old habit of giving up because it was challenging, it was a nice day, however, so I went for a long walk.

It was so nice to feel active, it was nice to feel the air blow over my body it was amazing being out in the sunshine instead of looking out at it.

Just need to invest in sun cream, don’t wanna burn.

General Life Posts

May Is Going To Be An Exciting Month!

I don’t think I have felt this excited for a long time! I have so much to look forward to during the early weeks of this month! I just decided to skip the whole monthly goals thing, it’d just be me rehashing old goals, having a moan about me making excuses for some of them, I’m past that, plus I have honestly lost track of what they were anyway!

I did go to the local park when the weather has been nice. I have really been enjoying Pokémon Go again too. I started battling the gyms that were around that area as well. The kids are usually in school around the time I go for a wander, so I get a good few hours before my Pokémon are returned to me, they come back with a few coins, though! I can live with that!
While I am on the topic of Pokémon Go, they have an event on where fighting types will spawn more often.  I am intending on making the most of this. Weather permitted, I’ve recently had an inner ear infection, which wasn’t fun, so I don’t particularly want to encourage a comeback in that department. The pain has gone but I’m still left with some swelling, I’ll be seeing a doctor about it if it isn’t gone by the end of the week, which is also another opportunity to wander around the park since the two aren’t far apart.

I also have a busy Saturday coming up. Attending my home city’s comic con with my best friend and my nephews, which is exciting. I love spoiling them and just having a good old nose around stalls. This will be my third year attending.  I have so much fun at these events! I’ll be sure to post about it on here. I am also going to watch the latest Avengers movie with my best friend and her husband! I am stupidly excited for that too. Twitter was a doll and potentially shared some spoilers but that won’t stop me enjoying the ride! I’m sure my post about that day will be a massive tangent, I’ll be content and that’s the main thing!

The following week I will be attending Cardiff Comic Con with a different set of friends, I am so excited for that too!
I’ll also pen a post about this,  I have so much going on and I can’t wait/.

General Life Posts

Feeling Good!

After having an annoying throat infection, possibly turned chest infection I am feeling amazing and raring to get back to smashing goals that I have set for myself.  I am sick of letting my mental health dictate my life.

I have 9gb of data so I am going to attempt to get out daily, I need to get a new umbrella in case I get caught in the rain but I will not use rain as an excuse. I’m going to be using Pokémon go as a tool to motivate myself to walk. I have so many unhatched eggs, so why not?
I’ll be sure to pack plenty of water with me, gotta help hydrated.
I am really excited that I am motivated to improve myself this way, I have posted about my weight and how it affects my mental health. This will no longer be a thing.

I wish I had more to write for this post, I am really tired and having a bit of writer’s block for now. I will be out and about though over the next few days so I’ll ensure that my next post is dedicated to those cute little monsters I hatch on Pokémon Go!