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30 Games Tag! 🎮

I saw that the wonderful Michelle of A Geek Girl’s Guide posted this tag and it interested me, so here’s my version!
Click here to read her post!

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Gaming Goals Update!

I’ve started making progress towards some aspects of the goals I set, not so much towards others, but technical issues and other struggles have made it a little difficult, but it’s all in the name of fun.

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Quick Gaming Updates + Writing for eSports Wales

Hello, friends! I hope things are going well for you all!

I apologise for this type of post, rather than something review related, but I just wanted a quick chat, maybe feedback on where I should take my gaming content.

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Why I Started Using Boomerang Games Rental & Why I Believe You Should Too.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I am a customer of this service and these are my own thoughts, this post was written on my own accord! 😊

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Are Cheaters Ruining Console & PC Crossplay?

I got the idea for this post after watching a video on the subject by the YouTube channel, Gameranx. Click here for said video.

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