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Pokémon Rumours I Believed!

The Pokémon franchise was a big part of my childhood. It was the first anime series I ever watched, my first JRPG, and many more firsts.

The first generation of Pokémon had, a lot, of mysteries surrounding it, which lead to some interesting rumours. The internet wasn’t as widely available during this time, so we couldn’t fact-check everything easily.

In todays post, I’ll be sharing rumours I thought were true!

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What I've Been Watching

I’ve Been Watching Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction!

I was born in the era just before the internet became as present as it is within everyday life.
We had a satellite dish outside of the house, and that’s how we received different TV channels.

It almost seems archaic now, but other than choosing which tv channel to watch, you had to be on the right tv channel at the right time to view the content you want.
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction was a show that I came across whilst channel hopping, and I wound up falling in love with it!

This post contains images from the show and I claim no ownership of them.
Click here to read my copyright disclaimer!

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Subjects That Interested Me

Interesting Conspiracy Theories #3

What I talk about in this post are just theories, I have no means of proving or denying them.
It’s all in the name of fun!

There’s some “suggestive” content in this post, nothing NSFW, but just a heads up anyway!

This is the final post on the subject, for now.

Part 1.
Part 2.


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