Therapy Update!

I had an appointment with my therapist recently, and it was needed. My mental health hasn’t been excellent for a while.
I’ll be sharing what’s happening with my treatment plan, and I will be talking about unpleasant things. I really don’t know how to write trigger warnings, so I’ll just say, please don’t read this post if you can be triggered by any kind of abuse!

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Life Updates: BPD, Moving, Rob & Danny.

I’ve been struggling with life as of late, partly because of my own doing.

This is going to be a quick update post for the blog and what’s happening in regards to my life and the blog!

If that’s not your cup of tea, I’m working on a gaming piece for Friday!

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I Spoke To My Psychiatrist!

This is going to be a personal post if that’s not your thing, I understand!
I have more content coming your way!

I spoke to my psychiatrist via video call recently it was an interesting experience.
I hadn’t seen her for a long time before this, a combination of the pandemic and me not receiving a letter added to the duration.

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