Self Development Journey

What answers are you seeking about your life?

I was browsing for self-development questions when I stumbled across this one. I figured, why not make it a post?

If you would like to read the question list yourself, here is the link!

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Self Development Journey

Radical acceptance & moving forward

Radical acceptance does not mean that you agree with what is happening or what has happened to you. Rather, it signals a chance for hope because you are accepting things as they are and not fighting against reality.
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Self Development Journey

My Favourite Shadow Work Prompts

Shadow work is a self-development activity where you recognise and understand the darker aspects of our personality.

The shadow self is a concept coined by Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung. All you need is somewhere quiet and something to write with.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my favourite writing prompts that I have come across online!

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Self Development Journey

Plans To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone

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Anxiety is a constant and unwanted presence in my life. It’s been flaring up more often for me as of late.
I’m still waiting for a therapy place, and I don’t have an appointment with my regular psychiatrist until the end of the month.

Until then, I’m going to make some plans for things to face my anxious fears; these will only be small for now. I can then report the results to my psychiatrist.

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