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Low spells, motivation & feeling bleak

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Last week wasn’t great for me. I was plagued with low moods, struggling to find motivation, and a constant feeling of bleakness that seemed to be enveloping me.

That is why I abruptly took a break from content creation; everything just felt pointless.

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For years, I’ve set goals in regards to healing, but I tend to set them too high and fall at the first hurdle.

With my health now declining, I’ve decided that now more than ever, I need to do better for myself.

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Mental Health, Mental Health From My Perspective!

Why is it so difficult to follow your own advice?

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I talk about the value of looking after yourself, taking a break, and avoiding burnout so often, yet I’ve managed to run myself into the ground. Again.

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Common mental health myths & my thoughts

Despite how common mental health disorders are, there seem to be many myths and misconceptions surrounding the subject. This can often lead to people feeling afraid to seek help for fear of being judged.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing some myths and misconceptions that I’ve read about, as well as some that have impacted me personally.

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The importance of taking a break for your mental health

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I think it’s safe to say that we all experience burnout at least once in our lives. With phrases such as “the grind” floating around social media, we can often feel as if we have to be on the go 24/7. This isn’t healthy, and we often need to be reminded that rest is, in fact, productivity.

Productivity is good for your mental health, but overdoing the to-do lists and running yourself ragged will only negatively impact your mental health. Burnout can even affect you physically.
There is a fine line between being busy for the sake of it and being productive. And for a lot of us, we have dangerously crossed that line in spite of ourselves.

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