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Have you healed, or are you trying not to think about it?

I came across this image while I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest in bed. And, for some reason, it spoke to me.

For the longest time, I assumed I was over certain events from my life because I never thought about them.

I was wrong. I just blocked them out of my mind.

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Therapy Update!

I had an appointment with my therapist recently, and it was needed. My mental health hasn’t been excellent for a while.
I’ll be sharing what’s happening with my treatment plan, and I will be talking about unpleasant things. I really don’t know how to write trigger warnings, so I’ll just say, please don’t read this post if you can be triggered by any kind of abuse!

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PTSD: What Caused It For Me & How I’m Learning To Cope

When I was 23, I experienced a very traumatic series of events, one right after it other it seemed. I’ve spoken about these events so often, you could probably make a drinking game out of it, two of the events still trouble me to this very day. 2015 wasn’t a good year for me. I lost my cat, Snow to pancreatic cancer, he’d been in my life since I was 16, he was honestly my best friend, and I still miss him to this day.

Sleep tight, buddy. I love you. 💖

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PTSD Spells

These are no fun at all, so naturally, my brain has had an absolute ball replaying things from the past, I’m not even sure if they are the actual memory at this point or just my brain recalling the last time it replayed the memory.

I was officially diagnosed with PTSD when I met my psychiatrist for the first time. It was something I knew I had, though. I was bullied throughout my teenage years and I  think it stemmed from that point and was made worse when I lost my grandmother to cancer and my boyfriend at the time deciding to end our relationship by text days after her funeral, thanks, hun! (Jokes aside here, we’re good terms now)

So it’s been a fun little week dealing with my scumbag brain and it’s “Hey! Remember this?!” Routine.
I’ve been coping better than I have been in the past, though. I’ve just allowed the thoughts to come and then pass. Resisting them has only really brought more pain.
I’m going to spend the day chilling, I deserve this.