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Life Updates: BPD, Moving, Rob & Danny.

I’ve been struggling with life as of late, partly because of my own doing.

This is going to be a quick update post for the blog and what’s happening in regards to my life and the blog!

If that’s not your cup of tea, I’m working on a gaming piece for Friday!

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How Having Pets Has Impacted My Mental Health

In 2019 I welcomed two lovely little guinea pig babies in my life. They were a very welcome addition and have brought me so much joy. Of course, it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the time, pets are a big responsibility, but the boys are very loved and cared for.
I figured I would talk about the impact that they have had within my life. The good and sometimes bad, so others deciding if pets are a good idea for them can get a rough idea of what this entails.

Myself & my youngest cavy, Danny.

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Emotional Support Animals: Meet Rob & Danny!

While the UK doesn’t really recognise emotional support animals as a valid thing, it won’t stop me from calling my new pets emotional support animals.

Back in September, Ben & I went into Pets at Home. I can’t remember why, but we saw Rob in the adoption centre. I was just drawn to him, so we adopted him. We waited 2 weeks and hoped to adopt another guinea pig for company, there weren’t any available for adoption at the time, so we bought Danny from Pets at Home, I am always an advocate for adopting over shopping, but it just wasn’t feasible at this time. Guinea pigs are social animals so we needed to get him a little brother.


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Rob the day he came home! 💖

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