Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: Is True Crime Media Becoming Problematic?

I want to pre-face this post by saying that I am a regular consumer of true crime content. I find the subject interesting. Namely: what causes people to tick, and act the way that they do.

I understand that this isn’t a simple subject matter, but I’ll be giving my opinion as a person who consumes the content.

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General Life Posts

Restrictions Have Been Lifted, But the Pandemic Isn’t Over!

COVID-19 has swept the entire planet, there are still new cases being diagnosed, as well as the already high death toll.

Of course, we can’t live in a state of lockdown forever, but, people are already behaving the way we all would in the pre-pandemic world.

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Gatekeeping in Gaming, Video Games

Gate Keeping in the Gaming Community: Does Difficulty Really Matter?

I have seen a few “you’re not a real gamer if” posts floating around on the internet, so it got me wondering, does it matter what difficulty you actually play games on? It seems to me that gate keeping within the community seems to be growing stronger by the day, which baffles me. We all share the same interest as gamers, we might not all enjoy the same things, but we play games.

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Opinions On Serious Topics

Cancel Culture: Problematic & Toxic

Chances are if you’re familiar with YouTube or social media in general, you’ve probably seen cancel culture, in effect, there seems to be scandal after scandal these days. It makes me yearn for the days where we all just enjoyed cat videos.

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