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Is EA releasing too much content for The Sims 4?

The Sims 4 was released in 2014, and much like it’s previous entries, extra content is released post-launch. This can range from expansion packs that add new gameplay aspects to stuff packs that add extra content, usually with a theme. Halloween, for example.

EA have now started to produce new content called “kits” which usually tend to be cosmetic items. This got me wondering, is EA pushing far too much paid content for the game?

The “kit” collection
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Are Emulators & Roms Good For Video Game Preservation?

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Technology is an ever-growing field. Even products made in the past decade are often outdated within a year or two of their creation.
The way media is created also evolved; creators no longer need to rely on tapes, cartridges, and other older forms of storage.

I will talk about emulators, ROMs, and how I feel they are essential for video game preservation in today’s piece.

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Let’s Talk About Megan Is Missing

This movie has blown up on social media lately. It’s been traumatising people on TikTok and I saw it trending on Twitter at one point.

The movie itself isn’t anything special, or so I thought when I saw it back in 2010, it’s supposed to serve as a warning for teenagers of the dangers of talking to strangers online, but the last 20 minutes of the movie are shocking for the wrong reasons.

This is the darkest post I’ve written and has a lot of triggers. So please don’t read on if r@pe, sexual assault, abduction and abuse in general are triggering for you.

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