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Does Nostalgia Ruin Long-Running Franchises?

This idea came to mind after hearing that long running Pokémon character, Ash Ketchum, will be leaving the show, as his story has reached its conclusion.

Naturally, the news didn’t sit well with a certain amount of fans of the series. I saw comments saying that it had “ruined their childhood”.

This got me wondering, can nostalgia actually hinder long-running franchises down the line?

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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: Is True Crime Media Becoming Problematic?

I want to pre-face this post by saying that I am a regular consumer of true crime content. I find the subject interesting. Namely: what causes people to tick, and act the way that they do.

I understand that this isn’t a simple subject matter, but I’ll be giving my opinion as a person who consumes the content.

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My Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch OLED!

Nintendo recently announced a new version of its Switch line. This post isn’t going to be an in-depth technical post; I’m not even going to pretend I understand specs!
I own the Switch Lite, so this piece will discuss how I feel about the size of this new Switch console, its unique features, and how I’d consider adding it to my collection!

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Are Emulators & Roms Good For Video Game Preservation?

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Technology is an ever-growing field. Even products made in the past decade are often outdated within a year or two of their creation.
The way media is created also evolved; creators no longer need to rely on tapes, cartridges, and other older forms of storage.

I will talk about emulators, ROMs, and how I feel they are essential for video game preservation in today’s piece.

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Let's Talk

Let’s Talk: Were Your School Years The Best Year of Your Life?

This tweet made it’s way onto my timeline recently, it got me thinking back to my time in school. So I figured it’d be a good topic to talk discuss.
I’ve been very vocal about my time in school in the past, but in case you’re not aware, this is your content warning for bullying.

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