Thursday Thoughts

Does Nostalgia Ruin Long-Running Franchises?

This idea came to mind after hearing that long running Pokémon character, Ash Ketchum, will be leaving the show, as his story has reached its conclusion.

Naturally, the news didn’t sit well with a certain amount of fans of the series. I saw comments saying that it had “ruined their childhood”.

This got me wondering, can nostalgia actually hinder long-running franchises down the line?

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What I've Been Watching

Power Rangers Zeo: A Season to Remember Review!

Tommy and his grandson.

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, the rangers set up a multicultural banquet to celebrate, and learn about different cultures.

However, the evil Mondo puts the rangers under a spell, that not even Zordon can save them from, and they fall out. The only way they can break the spell is to understand the others traditions.

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Video Games, What I Have Been Playing?

What I’ve Been Playing!

Apologies for this being a day late. I got caught up with adult responsibilities and the blog slipped my mind.

Keeping it simple today. In this postcode, I’ll be talking about what games I have been playing recently.

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Movies, Nostalgia

My Favourite Childhood Movies!

I was looking for movies to write about recently, and I came across a few titles that left me feeling nostalgic.

In this post, I’ll be talking about movies I enjoyed as a child. I might even talk about them in the future!

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Favourites, Music

Music I Enjoyed As A Teenager!

I have been feeling nostalgic as of late, and that gave me the inspiration from for this post!

It was also a jarring experience finding out how old some of these songs are nowadays!

Without further ado, here are some songs I defiantly would’ve had on my MP3 player/iPod when I was a teenager!

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