My Favourite Pokémon!

(I took this photo and editied it years ago!)

Today’s post will be a simple piece about my favourite Pokémon. I’m still working on other gaming-related content in the background, so this is a nice break from that work for now!
Below are some of my favourite Pokémon!

The images used in this post are from Bulbapedia; I claim no ownership!

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Video Games

Pokémon Go: Thoughts on the “Colossal Discovery” event

Yesterday was the Colossal Discovery event on Pokémon Go. This was a pay to play event, costing myself and my partner £7.99 a piece, we play the game enough to justify it, though. Plus, going out to play Pokémon Go is one of our favourite things to do together. 💕

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A few of the challenges that come with the research tasks

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Video Games

Pokemon Go: Community Days & Team Rocket

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go a lot as of late, but nothing of note happened, enough to warrant its own post anyway. So I figured, why not just compile it all into one post and see how that plays out.

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Pokemon Go Community Day 2019: A Disappointing Day

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I couldn’t think of a way to start this entry, so I am glad that a friend sent me this image. The day was an absolute disaster. My boyfriend and I attempted to play for a while, he got two shinies, I didn’t get any. Then all of a sudden, the event just seemed to stop.

We walked around for about an hour and barely saw any Slakoth, I used two insense, and he used a lure module on a local Pokéstop, still nothing. I decided to check Twitter and noticed that other people were having the same issue.

The weather feature in the game had stopped working, and this affected all the spawns within the game, including the spawns for the Pokémon associated with the Adventure Week event going on at the time and of course, the spawns for the community day.

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Seeing this pop up in my notifications felt like salt in the wounds, I wouldn’t usually care about wasting in-game items, but I’d purchased them with my last in-game coins, I feel like I lost money.

At least Niantic has an upcoming remedy to the situation, they posted this tweet, so I am eagerly awaiting a chance to get me one of that adorable shiny Pokémon! I’m hoping to be away during this event, I love the chance to explore new places with my boyfriend.

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