Mental Health, Mental Health From My Perspective!

Challenging Mental Health Stigma!

Despite how often people are diagnosed with mental health conditions, unfortunately, there is still a horrible amount of stigma around the subject.

In today’s post, I will be sharing examples of how you can challenge the stigma around the subject.

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Mental Health, Mental Health From My Perspective!

My Time In Emotional Regulation Therapy!

I recently completed an Emotional Regulation Therapy course and wanted to write about it on my blog.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was done online via Microsoft Teams rather than in person.

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Upcoming Mental Health Content!

I’m just going to be upfront here, I didn’t have any content for today! It’s a mixture of me forgetting what day it is, and not having a topic to write about!

I searched Google and Pinterest for ideas, I’m glad I did. I have a few topics that’ll be coming in the near future!

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Co-Dependancy & Tips To Overcome It

I struggle with this and it took me such a long time to see this. I’m always looking into ways to better myself, so I’ve put together the most helpful information I’ve found during my journey to self growth/improvement.

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Your Feelings Are Valid

This is something I’ve needed to hear, as well as take on board as of late.

Things have felt like they are falling apart and I’ve felt trapped in the aftermath.

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