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I Care Too Much About the Opinions of Other People!

My name is Stacey and I let the opinions of others impact my life.

It feels weird seeing those words form a sentence, but it’s something that I’ve needed to address for such a long time.

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Let’s Talk: Were Your School Years The Best Year of Your Life?

This tweet made it’s way onto my timeline recently, it got me thinking back to my time in school. So I figured it’d be a good topic to talk discuss.
I’ve been very vocal about my time in school in the past, but in case you’re not aware, this is your content warning for bullying.

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A Peek Inside My Journal

Hello again!
I hope you had a lovely time over the holidays and I hope you stayed safe!

I’m trying something new with my mental health slots. Occasionally I’ll be sharing entries from my journals. I want to share my stories and I hope they can help at least one person know that they aren’t alone.

Content warning: I will be talking about death and grief in this post.

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