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Playing The Hand You’re Dealt

Well, yesterday was a day and a half.
I just couldn’t get to sleep straight away, I want to blame insomnia, but in hindsight, it was probably a combination of the X-Gamer I drink and being hyped up playing the amazing Rainbow is Magic mode.
Link to that post is here, I love a cheeky act of self-promotion.  🌈✨

Either way, it’s beyond annoying when I am blessed with a sleepless night. I honestly get sick of watching my ceiling.
It makes me feel like death warmed up.
Normally I’d spend the day with the foulest of moods, I decided it had to be different today and cracked on with a few things I had been delaying.

I sorted out some clothing I had left in the spare bedroom, I decided what was worth keeping and what was worth donating.
I also found my suitcase, so that’ll make any trips this summer a lot easier packing-wise, as well as easier for my puny arms. I even prepared curry for dinner. Which I enjoyed. My confidence in cooking is improving.

I know this post has been more akin to a journal entry, but I just wanted to celebrate the small victory that the day was. I am honestly proud that I managed to overcome the lack of sleep. I did have a nap in-between, but it helped!

Sometimes just playing the hand you’re dealt can result in great things!

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Kalms Night: The Hero I Need

Short post today, I’m not sure how to review a set of tablets!

My issues with sleep have been well documented on this blog, I can happily say that while they haven’t been totally solved, I still sleep for 12 hours but I have been sleeping at night and waking up 12 hours later, better than nothing!

I ordered Kalms after two dear friends of mine suggested them to me after I had run out of the prescription lot my GP prescribes me once every so often. These things have been wonderful, I have actually fallen asleep at a reasonable time! I take these along with my usual mirtazapine and I am out like a light, regardless of the usual 12-hour sleep.

If you deal with a ridiculous sleeping pattern like I do, I highly recommend Kalms.