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I Watched Spiral: From the Book of Saw!

The Saw franchise is one of my favourite horror movie franchises. I have always enjoyed it’s story-telling, and it’s unique spin on the usual serial killer trope.
I also enjoy the psychology involved in the Jigsaw killers motives for what they do.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the latest entry in the series.
Spoilers ahead.

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Halloween III: The odd one out!

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When you think of the Halloween franchise, the ominous force that is Michael Myers is who usually comes to mind. The statuesque figure donned in a boiler suit and the iconic white William Shatner mask, he is an depraved presence within the world of horror.

Yet, there is one movie in the franchise where he isn’t the antagonist; in fact, he doesn’t even appear in person, except for an advert for the original Halloween movie shown as an advert within the movie.

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the interesting, and underrated Halloween title Season of the Witch.

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Why Horror Is My Favourite Movie Genre!

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If you look at my recently watched movies, at least 90% are horror movies. I’ve grown to love every aspect of them. This was something that started within me in my late teen years from what I remember. As a child, I remember being easily startled by horror movies.

I remember an old school friend bringing copies of the first “Final Destination” movie and I was startled by the premonition scene. If you’ve seen the movie, you know how violent it is. This was around the year 2000, so I was only 8/9 years old.

I also remember a few classes in my primary school being made to listen to War of the Worlds; I had nightmares about that for months after the fact.

Just a heads up, there will be spoilers in this post.

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I Watched Fear Street Part One: 1994!

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I was very excited to watch this movie after seeing it in the “coming soon” section of Netflix, so it seemed like the perfect movie to watch and write about.
The next part of the story is due to be released on July 9th, following this post.
Until then, here are my thoughts on part one. This post contains images that could count as spoilers!

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Movies I Want To Watch

I’m a big fan of movies. I enjoy the work that goes into them—the production, effects, cinematography, and obviously, the acting.
Due to the pandemic, I haven’t felt comfortable enough to go to a cinema and watch as many new releases as I’d like to have seen.

Some two of these movies have had a theatrical release. Still, I’m holding out on watching them until they are available to buy or stream with my usual media subscriptions.
Others, I’m just waiting to see how things play out after I get vaccinated fully.

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