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Game Pick Ups: My Backlog Is Crying

Hello, gamers! I haven’t posted about recent purchases in a while. There honestly haven’t been all that many, I have been trying to behave and rattle down my backlog, obviously, this post implies I have cracked and added to the collection.
Don’t judge me! 😂🤣

So, here are the new additions to my backlog!

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Games Releasing In 2020 I Am Looking Forward To!

I can already hear my backlog whimpering in the background as I am writing this. I am excited for these things, my wallet is not! 😅

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Characters I would Like To Cosplay As

I was reading a post written on the gamergal.exe blog, it inspired me to write this post. The theme of that post was Halloween, but I thought I’d go general with mine. The link to the original post is here.

Gender really isn’t an issue for me, I identify as gender neutral myself, so I feel comfortable doing either.

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