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Feedback & Suggestions For Horror Games!

I apologise for the abrupt change in subject for this post. As I looked into re-writing my opinion piece about micro-transactions in gaming, I realised I’d said what I wanted to in the way I’d want to, and it didn’t need a re-write.

It needs to be cleaned up grammatically, and needs the images replaced. I had no other contented planned, so todays piece will be me seeking feedback and suggestions!

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Upcoming Gaming Content Ideas

This post is gaming related, but it’s more aimed at feedback and that sort of thing.

I’ve been feeling unwell lately and I didn’t have any confidence to publish my Resident Evil 3 review right now, so I figured this’d be an ideal time to talk about potential ideas I’ve been playing around with in my head.

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Experimental Content

I’ve been publishing content on a daily basis for the last 2 weeks, or so. At the moment, I’m just toying with the idea of potentially turning this into a daily post blog, adding new types of content in between, or seeing if my current schedule is worth keeping.

I’ll be keeping my usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday slots during this time, if anything changes, I’ll be sure to update my socials.

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