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Changing My Relationship With Social Media

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Social media, for better or worse, has become a huge aspect of daily life.
Often times, it can have an unwanted impact on my life and mental health.
Namely, Facebook, that app tends to leave me feeling far worse than I did before I started doom-scrolling.
In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my plans on improving my relationships with the various social media apps that I use.

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What Apps/Resources I Use For My Blog!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking a break from reviewing films. I enjoy discussing movies, but I began to feel drained, as if I had to rush them out the door.

This week, I’ll be sharing the apps, websites, and general resources that I use to keep Life Told By Stacey running, to the best of my ability, at least!

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Interesting Conspiracy Theories #2

Hello! The subjects I’m going to be talking about in this post are just theories. I have no proof to confirm or deny what has been presented.

This is all in the name of fun!  😊

You can find part 1 here!

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Depressive Spells & Social Media: Going Dark

It’s no secret that social media has become a very important part of society. It is a place for companies to advertise, its become an integral part of communication for some people and a place to connect and meet new people, just to name a few things.

Of course, while there is a lot of good that comes with the online age I have found that there is plenty of bad to go along with it. I have spoken about my mental health struggles on this blog quite openly and I have found lately that social media has been making me feel a lot worse.
Whenever I have logged into any social media platform that I am a member of I have noticed that there is a lot of negativity, aggression from some users over opinions and in some cases, racism!
Usually, I am able to just ignore things that I do not resonate with because they do not serve me in any way but lately things have been aggravating me on such a deep level it was in my best interest that I went dark.

I was then inspired to write this post because the thoughts I had helped me see the light a bit. Social media is not real life and what is portrayed there isn’t always an accurate reflection of a persons life or how they actually are outside of the internet.
You never know what is happening behind closed doors and I know for sure that a good percentage of people that act overly aggressive would not dare act that way towards another person in the real world.

Social media isn’t the real world and your needs have to come first. This is what was best for me and I have to stick with this, for now, if I feel inspired to do so I will add more posts to here but that’s about it for now.
I can’t wait to feel like myself again!