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Getting Active!

After seeing some recent photos of myself, I felt devastated. I do not like the girl I see there. Which is awkward, I have to live with her. I have decided to dig up an old relic of a goal, get more active and lose some weight.
My weight gain has been a not so pleasant combination of meds, inactivity, erratic sleep schedules and a toxic relationship with eating my feelings.

It’s taken its toll on my body and I don’t like that. That’s enough of that dwelling, though! If I’ve learned anything as of late, its that I have the power to change for the better if I make the effort.

I attempted one of the exercise DVDs I have, I am not ready for a workout like that, yet. I almost slipped back into the old habit of giving up because it was challenging, it was a nice day, however, so I went for a long walk.

It was so nice to feel active, it was nice to feel the air blow over my body it was amazing being out in the sunshine instead of looking out at it.

Just need to invest in sun cream, don’t wanna burn.