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Are Conspiracy Theories Increasing the Spread of COVID?

Back in the summer, I remember tweeting about being pointed at and laughed at for wearing a face covering in the supermarket. I got quite a few negative responses to the tweet. Nothing really offensive, just playground insults, mainly the word “sheep”. From this point on, I found out about the conspiracy theories surrounding masks and the pandemic in general.

I’m a fan of conspiracy theories and I believe a little skepticism can be good on occasion, but these theories are either downright questionable, or spread misinformation which can be harmful.

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July Round Up / Hello August

Well, July is over and I’m glad to see the back of it.

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Restrictions Have Been Lifted, But the Pandemic Isn’t Over!

COVID-19 has swept the entire planet, there are still new cases being diagnosed, as well as the already high death toll.

Of course, we can’t live in a state of lockdown forever, but, people are already behaving the way we all would in the pre-pandemic world.

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