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I touched upon this topic a little over on my Instagram page, so here’s a link to that if you want to read it, and see a very flattering photo of my face!

Since starting my self-development journey, I’ve found myself feeling more frustrated than ever. This is par for the course, but it’s incredibly frustrating, realising your own shortcomings, and the memories/flashbacks that are associated with recovery.

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I Watched The Hole (2001)

The Hole, directed by Nick Hamm, is a British psychological horror movie released in April 2001.

The movie stars Thora Birch (American Beauty) in the leading role and was the first major role for Keira Knightley in a feature film.
The images used in this post are covered under the Fair Use Act.

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Skyrim Saved My Life

Yesterday was Skyrim’s 10th anniversary, and I figured today would be the perfect time to rewrite one of my older posts; I was preoccupied yesterday.
Video games often catch the blame for violent events around the world, so here is a positive gaming story.

Skyrim saved my life.

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BPD & Me #1

The lead-up to Christmas tends to trigger the symptoms of my disorders more than any other time of the year. Trying to keep up with things that I need to do while being constantly inundated with symptoms of my disorders becomes increasingly difficult.

My Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) symptoms have been flaring up a lot as of late, so I figured I’d share my experiences. As well as document them for future therapy use.

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