The Simpsons: Life on the Fast Lane – My Thoughts

Life on the Fast Lane is the 9th episode of the first season of The Simpsons. It’s no secret that the marriage of Marge and Homer have faced several trials and tribulations in their marriage, and this episode highlights one issue that plagues their marriage, Homer’s selfish nature.

As an adult, I have a whole new appreciation for the stories and complexity of the characters within the universe of The Simpsons, and this is one of my favourite episodes highlighting the imperfections of relationships.

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Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episode: Fort Night

Left to right: The Pesto Twins, Louise, Tina, Gene and Darrel.

“Fort Night” is the second episode of season 4, as well as, the second Halloween themed episode overall. Out of all the Halloween-related episodes I have seen, this is my favourite.

I will be explaining why in this post!
(Spoilers ahead!)

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