I Watched We Need To Talk About Kevin!

We need to talk about Kevin is a psychological thriller, directed by Lyne Ramsay, and based on the 2003 novel of the same name, written by Lionel Shriver.

Content warning: this review might not be suitable to those sensitive to violent subjects.

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I Watched: Untitled Horror Movie! (2021)

This post will contain spoilers!

Untitled Horror Movie, released in 2021, is a horror-comedy movie set around 6 co-stars who are anxious about their show being canceled by the network. In response to this, they decided to make their own horror movie. While doing this, they unintentionally summon a demon which reeks havoc and has an affinity for violence.

Here is what I thought about this movie!

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I Watched Fear Street Part 3: 1666!

And that’s a wrap on Fear Street. It feels bitter sweet, but as far as endings go, it had a satisfying ending.

I’ve tried to keep this post spoiler free, but the images I have used in the post might contain spoilers!

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