Video Games, What I Have Been Playing?

What I’ve been playing: Deep Rock Galactic!

My dwarf!

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-operative first-person shooter game. The gameplay centres around various missions in procedurally generated caves.

I have been playing this title on the Xbox Series S, via the GamePass, but it is also available on Windows, and PlayStation systems.

A screenshot of a mission & its objectives!

To me, this game feels like a crossover between Minecraft, and Left 4 Dead. Each cave has enemy types to worry about, and you will periodically become swarmed by bugs.

I’ve been playing co-op with my partner and there are situations where it’ll take the two of us to complete challenges.

I imagine to experience the best of the game, you’ll need to have a full team of 4. Although, my partner and I have a blast with the two of us.

A blizzard!

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Video Games, What I Have Been Playing?

What I’ve Been Playing!

Apologies for this being a day late. I got caught up with adult responsibilities and the blog slipped my mind.

Keeping it simple today. In this postcode, I’ll be talking about what games I have been playing recently.

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What I’ve Been Playing!

I’m sorry that this post is a day late. I’ve been under the weather and lost track of it.

In today’s piece, I’ll be talking about the games I have been playing and what I’m looking forward to playing in the future from the franchises.

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What I Have Been Playing?

What I’ve Been Playing!

I haven’t been playing many games as of late. I’ve been trying to get my priorities sorted, this includes time management, but I digress! 
Here are the titles that I have been playing, however! 

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