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Update: Where I’ve Been? What’s Next? General Chinwaggery!

I always feel apprehensive when writing update posts such as these. I always fear I’m over sharing, or people don’t care.

It just feels wrong bailing on content without an explanation, though. If these types of posts aren’t for you, that’s fine! I’ll be back with my regular schedule tomorrow.

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Let’s Talk About Life Told By Stacey: Social Media, Time Management & Content

I don’t have a mental health post today, so if this doesn’t interest you, that’s okay!
I’ll be back to posting mental health content the following Monday!

My life has been up and down since the pandemic started. Some of the reasons have been out of my control, and other reasons were things I should’ve dealt with but kept delaying them.

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Hello Again – Quick Update!

I’m sorry for the abrupt exit from the blog and its social feeds. I have had a lot going on mentally as of late. This left me placing important things I needed to do on the back burner and that built up over time to the extent that it became overwhelming.

I couldn’t function, I wasn’t helping myself and I gave up on my responsibilities, the blog and even my hobbies.

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