What Happened At Dyatlov Pass? – My Thoughts

History's Mysteries Revealed: The Dyatlov Pass Incident — Museum Center at  5ive Points

Content warning

This post talks about death, theories and might contain content that can make some people uncomfortable.
This post was made with no ill intentions to those who lost their lives. 

I claim no ownership of the photos I used in this post.
Please contact me if you’re the copyright owner and want them removed!

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Are Conspiracy Theories Increasing the Spread of COVID?

Back in the summer, I remember tweeting about being pointed at and laughed at for wearing a face covering in the supermarket. I got quite a few negative responses to the tweet. Nothing really offensive, just playground insults, mainly the word “sheep”. From this point on, I found out about the conspiracy theories surrounding masks and the pandemic in general.

I’m a fan of conspiracy theories and I believe a little skepticism can be good on occasion, but these theories are either downright questionable, or spread misinformation which can be harmful.

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