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Gaming Disorder: Is It Real?

I was browsing Twitter recently, and I noticed that gaming disorder has been officially recognised as an actual illness. It seemed to have divided opinions across my timeline. Some were just outright dismissive to the idea, others agreed and are happy that is has been recognised this way, and there were others, who probably didn’t understand the concept and would snap back with “I play games all the time, guess I’m addicted!”

I’ve had some time to sit with this and form my opinions, it was even on my mind last night while I was in bed, so as yet another nerd with a blog, I figured why not throw my two cents in the mix. I am far from an expert in these matters, I am in no way a medical professional, I have an understanding of addictive, compulsive and obsessive behaviours through the mental health issues I have, so as a gamer I feel like I need to throw my hat in the mix in a rational manner.

First of all, I don’t like it being called a disorder, that’s more nitpicky on my part, I live with a few mental disorders, and they are nothing like an addiction. When I play games and lose track of time, or lose my temper, that is an impulsive act because of my various illnesses.

An addiction is something entirely different by definition. It is when you cannot live without a particular substance or activity. You crave it, you go through withdrawals without them. If you can’t get your fix, life is unbearable. Your life revolves around this.
When a person is addicted to a substance, it reeks all sorts of havoc on their lives, all aspects of it.

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Now let’s apply this logic to video games. I honestly put more hours into video games than I care to admit to, it’s my main hobby, it’s my escape, I’ve also found myself writing about it now. I have even gone for extended periods without my consoles, I’ve also willingly left games be for whatever reason.

What separates myself and others who feel the same way about games are those who make gaming their life. They will spend money that they need for other things on microtransactions, subscriptions, video games in general to the extent that the person will neglect to pay their rent, they won’t pay bills. They’ll play games so often they isolate themselves from friends, family, they could even stop turning up at work, miss important dates, events and occasions. So that’ll be their professional, personal and financial parts of their life ruined.

I’ve even heard of instances where people haven’t left their houses, they sit in place binge eating and in some cases, people have also died.
This behaviour matches instances of people with substance issues.
So, to wrap this up. I believe it is a valid concern, and it should be treated as such. Anything that takes over your life to the extent you’re not living; it needs to be addressed swiftly. You have one life, don’t waste it.


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You should never feel forced to do anything or be made to feel uncomfortable by people!

This was something I wish I had told myself sooner! I used to be and still kind of am the type of person who would go out of their way to make someone happy, even if it made me uneasy or it was something that I didn’t really want to do.

That type of behaviour would end up with me feeling upset, being out of pocket, made to feel uneasy and just feeling like I should have done better for myself.
I have also learned that if you give an inch, they will take a mile. Why should I suffer?

After being in a bunch of scenarios that have been the result of me setting failing to set boundaries. They range from people constantly spamming me with texts and calls when I haven’t replied instantly,  I did ask said people to stop but because I never said a strict boundary they persisted.
I’ve been in situations where people will borrow money from me and that leaves me broke, I have been known as a person who’ll bail them out. No more.
There are also other situations I have been in as of late, which I won’t talk about just in case the people in question find out, I don’t want that drama.
I’ve had to start standing my ground with these people, they either got angry with me or tried to guilt trip me into giving into them.

No.  This is a valid sentence and you do not owe anybody an explanation.

You have the right to reject the calls you don’t want to take, you have the right to turn down a person you’re not interested in, you have the right to turn down a situation when it comes to loaning money, you have the right to a happy life.

You do not owe anybody anything! Set those boundaries, do what you can to keep yourself in a good place. Do not let people take advantage of you.
Anybody who challenges you isn’t worth your time!