Let’s Talk About Megan Is Missing

This movie has blown up on social media lately. It’s been traumatising people on TikTok and I saw it trending on Twitter at one point.

The movie itself isn’t anything special, or so I thought when I saw it back in 2010, it’s supposed to serve as a warning for teenagers of the dangers of talking to strangers online, but the last 20 minutes of the movie are shocking for the wrong reasons.

This is the darkest post I’ve written and has a lot of triggers. So please don’t read on if r@pe, sexual assault, abduction and abuse in general are triggering for you.

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Let’s Talk Mental Illness Stigma: Why We Cannot Simply “Get Over It” | Revisited

This was a subject I wanted to revisit, I wasn’t happy with the original post, but I set it live anyway. Now some time has passed, I want to revisit the subject of stigma and how as mentally ill people, we can’t just “get over” it.
We need to open up the conversation more when it comes to mental health, while now more than ever people are spreading awareness and doing wonderful things, the stiga surrounding various disorders, and the subject in general is shocking.

I have seen many comments, also I’ve had some directed my way that people who are mentally ill are lazy, crazy, unwilling to change and just need a good dose of reality. When in fact, we are none of these things, we are people with illnesses just trying to get through the day like the rest of society. Our illnesses/disorders are just as valid, as well as potentially dangerous as several physical issues, we need the same amount of love and respect as that. I am in no way comparing illnesses, or trying to start a debate on which is worse, I am just here to tell my truth and how I feel we can co-exist would the unnecessary judgement thrown our way.

I am just one person, but I am very passionate about this, I might not be able to change the mind of the masses, but if I can spark a healthy conversation about the subject, I’ve done my job.

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