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How can you make your life more positive?

Sometimes, we can create our own misery. It’s not nice to hear, but we can do things that provide no benefits to our wellbeing.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing ways I’ve found that add a little more positivity to my life.

I don’t advise kicking anybody.

Block/unfriendly/cut contact with people you don’t like!

I understand that isn’t always possible, but if it is, it’ll bring some peace to your life.

It just makes no sense to waste energy interacting with people that you don’t get along with.

Take care of yourself!

Self-care is everywhere, but are you actually sabotaging yourself in the name of self-care? Before you reach for the junk food, the alcohol, or whatever you use for comfort, think about what you actually need.

Drink water, take a walk, make sure you’ve taken your medication, do what’s right for yourself.

Keep your environment clean!

The state of your surroundings will impact your mood. To bring more positivity in your life, keep your space clean.

Go one step further and add things that bring you joy. Make it a space you feel content to be in! Just don’t over clutter the place!

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
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Let’s Talk BPD: Struggles, Moods & Wanting To Feel “Better”

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Despite advocating for others to open up about their struggles with mental health, I struggle to talk freely about my own.
It makes me feel hypocritical, in a sense.
Should I be giving out advice when I spend a good percentage of my days just trying to get through them?

Some days it just feels as if I’m throwing out scraps of information that I can’t convince myself works.
I know people can learn to manage their symptoms and live fulfilling lives, but is this attainable for myself?

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Mental Health, Mental Health From My Perspective!

How I Deal With Paranoid Thoughts!

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Paranoia is thinking and feeling like you are being threatened in some way, even if there is no evidence, or very little evidence, that you are. Paranoid thoughts can also be described as delusions. There are lots of different kinds of threat you might be scared and worried about.

Paranoid thoughts are something that trouble me frequently; they are one of the worst symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. In my opinion.
In this post, I’ll be sharing ways that I work through them.

Please keep in mind that I am not a mental health professional.
All the information I share is based on my own experiences.

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Mental Health, Mental Health From My Perspective!

How Writing Has Improved My Mental Health

Writing is one of my main hobbies, and something I throughly enjoy.

It has also had a positive effect on my mental health. In this post, I’ll be sharing the ways it has helped me!

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