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Horror That Genuinely Terrified Me!

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It goes without saying that horror is my favourite movie genre. After a while, however, you tend to see a good percentage of twists coming, and you almost feel as if you’re desensitised to gore.
Every so often, I find myself taken a back by some movies that leave me feeling unsettled.

In this post, I’ll be sharing three horror movies that left me feeling uneasy.
Don’t worry, this post will be spoiler-free.

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What Went Wrong In The Remake Of A Nightmare On Elm Street?

1984 theatrical poster (left)
2010 theatrical poster (right)

Remakes of a popular franchise are always a decisive subject.
Creators face a daunting task of creating something different with the IP (intellectual property) while keeping the charm that made the original content special.
Should the remake be aimed at an entirely new audience? Or should it try to bring back fans of the original content?

Popular horror franchise, A Nightmare On Elm Street received the remake treatment in 2010 and was met with negative reviews, even receiving a dreadful 15% from popular review site Rotten Tomatoes.
In today’s post, I’ll be sharing what I feel awry with the title.

Trigger warning: gory image in the post!

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I Played Visage!

Visage is an independent horror game created by SadSquare and a title that I had an absolute blast playing.
It wasn’t a perfect game, but I found myself lost within it’s world.

I have tried to make this post as spoiler-free as possible.

Trigger Warning: dark subject matter!

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Scenes From Non-Horror Movies That Scarred Me As A Child

Creepy and unsettling moments aren’t always exclusive to the horror genre. I can recall instances from my childhood, from non-horror media, that left me with nightmares as a child!
In this post, I’ll be sharing 3 pieces of media that left me unsettled in my childhood!

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Unsettling Moments In Non-Horror Video Games!

Have you ever been playing a game, that’s not horror, and come across something unsettling?

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few instances I’ve come across!

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