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Feedback & Suggestions For Horror Games!

I apologise for the abrupt change in subject for this post. As I looked into re-writing my opinion piece about micro-transactions in gaming, I realised I’d said what I wanted to in the way I’d want to, and it didn’t need a re-write.

It needs to be cleaned up grammatically, and needs the images replaced. I had no other contented planned, so todays piece will be me seeking feedback and suggestions!

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Let’s Talk Life Told By Stacey: Mental Health, Adding Days To My Schedule & Upcoming Projects!

I apologise for any grammatical, or spelling errors in this post. I’m currently writing this on my phone.

There’ll be a mental health post next Monday. For now, I want to talk about projects that I’m working on for Life Told By Stacey, and outside of it!

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What Apps/Resources I Use For My Blog!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking a break from reviewing films. I enjoy discussing movies, but I began to feel drained, as if I had to rush them out the door.

This week, I’ll be sharing the apps, websites, and general resources that I use to keep Life Told By Stacey running, to the best of my ability, at least!

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