Mental Health

Rolling with the punches

I told myself that I would focus on bettering my health. I took the first steps, and now I’m starting the process to managing a chronic condition.


I’ll be honest, I am not doing well after hearing that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel as if I’ve started grieving, and I’m currently in the anger stage.

It has started to get to me. It feels as if I’ve been dealt a poor hand for so long. My mental health suffers, I lost part of my vision to an eye disorder and now this?

My immune system is essentially partaking in friendly fire. It’s attacking me, not the things it should attack, it’s attacking me.

The thing is, there isn’t anything that I can do about this. I can’t stop it. Only specialists can help me with this.

All I can do is roll with the punches. So, I’ll be focusing on the blog, my hobbies, and my relationships.

This is the start of a long, and terrifying, journey.


1 thought on “Rolling with the punches”

  1. It can be scary but once you get a treatment started, RA won’t seem as terrifying as it is. Take the time to focus on yourself.


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