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Physical Health, Treatments & Taking A Break

Keeping this as simple as I can today. Things haven’t been great.

I’ve been feeling unwell for a long time, sore joints and fatigue being the main culprits. So, I ended up going for blood tests.

I got my results back, while it isn’t an official diagnosis, the results showed Rheumatoid Arthritis. As you can imagine, it was hard to hear, even if you’ve expected it.

I’ve been referred to a specialist, and having more blood tests in early February.

Right now, I feel a little bitter that my mental health has impacted my life, a disorder took a good percentage of my vision, and now this has been thrown into the mix.

I’ve still got content to write, so I’ll do that, but I’m more than likely just going to schedule it, then dip for a week or more.

I need to wrap my head around this.


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