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My favourite American Dad episodes!

American Dad is one of my favourite adult animated shows. I first started watching it on BBC Three, and it’s been a mainstay in my tv habits ever since.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite episodes from the long-running series!

Stan as Ricky Spanish!

Persona Assistant (Season 13)

This episode serves as the introduction for one of my favourite characters, Rogu.

Stan is annoyed at Roger’s personas after the latter is late to happy hour, but he soon notices a lump on his head.

Everything escalates in a typical American Dad fashion, even Ricky Spanish makes an appearance, we’re then introduced to Rogu!

Sidney Huffman

The One That Got Away (Season 4)

After discovering that his credit card has been maxed out, Roger assumes that he has been a victim of identity theft.

After finding out that it’s one of his personas gone rogue, chaos and hijinks ensue.

The Two Hundred Are Coming!

The Two Hundred (Season 11)

This episode has always amused me, especially since I had anxiety about the Hadron Collider.

In the world of American Dad, something goes wrong with the Hadron Collider, leaving Langley Falls as a desolate wasteland, inhabited by cannibalism. As well as, the dressed two hundred.

What are your favourite episodes?

And on that note, thank you for reading my post!
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