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Thursday Thoughts: Can Social Media Damage Your Mental Health?

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Social media has become a mainstay in the lives of many people, but can it be detrimental to our mental health?

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Whenever you open a social media app, you’ll see a plethora of content, you have the option to like on it. Some users, namely influencers, will accumulate an extensive amount of likes.

Another example is you scroll through your social feeds and see your peers living a life in a way you’d want. You could be struggling, and the life of your peers looks like they are thriving.

In both instances, you could begin to feel upset, envious, and a plethora of other negative emotions comparing your life to what you see on your screens.

I believe that social media can be detrimental for your mental health. From my experience, some of the worst parts of my life has been exacerbated by social media.

It’s all too easy to become invested in the world of social media. People don’t tend to post their struggles online. So all you’re seeing is the happy things. You also don’t tend to see the work people have put in to become successful, only the end result.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying social media, it should be used in moderation. Like anything else, it can become all too consuming.

Take care of yourself.

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