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I Watched Bob’s Burgers: Nice-Capades!

Nice-Capades is the shows Christmas themed episodes, and one of my favourite episodes overall!

In this episode of the Belcher family’s misadventures, the children encounter an adult using the massage chair that they wish to use.

Rather than waiting patiently, they deliberately go out of their way to annoy the gentleman out of the seat. He reminds the children not to misbehave so close to Christmas. He reveals himself to be a mall Santa, the kids mock him.

He then reveals that he reports back to the real Santa. This sets panic off in the children and they worry they won’t get presents. To offset this, they decide to stage a show proving how nice they are.

What I enjoy about this episode is the character development from Louise. Despite Tina’s protests, she is adamant that they need to perform to prove to Santa that they are good, even if they’re lying. Children of her age tend to see only see the material side of Christmas, after all.

As always, the musical numbers in the show are catchy and well produced. I enjoy the musical aspect of Bob’s Burgers, it sets it apart from other shows in the genre.

Of course, Louise can only keep her act up for so long, and then she realises that talking about good things won’t matter, she hadn’t done them herself. She even pleads that Gene and Tina get presents because they are good.

It was heartwarming seeing Louise realise that deep down that she had to do things morally. She owned up to her wrongs, and learned that she, in fact, is a good person.

She wound up getting her presents, but not that shark she wanted. Maybe next year?

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